Unctions of new Deacons

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (holysupper.org) — At 3:06 pm the Apostle of Jesus Christ, using the authority that God has given him gave the deaconship to four ministers from four different countries: Ezequiel Cervantes from Haiti, Abner Garcia Jimenez from Spain, Jose Lucas Escobar from Australia, and Victor Manuel Silva Reyes from USA. He told them that this new title does not mean that they will be greater than the Church, it meant that they must work harder for the church. The deacons belong to the Church of Christ and they must not think they are better but must always work hard to serve the Church.
As the Apostle of the Lord alongside the Church prayed to God to help the new deacons fulfill their new responsibilities, the Choirs sang, “With You, I am Filled with Joy.”

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