The wine has arrived to each venue as well

The wine has arrived to each venue as well; the United States will hold a grand celebration

February 14, 2020. (TLOTW).— The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, has issued a convocation, and Brethren throughout the country have answered the calling and arrived to the chosen locations to receive this blessing. The bread had already been delivered, but the wine, of the fruit of the vine, has also been prepared, the Church in the United States will host a grand Holy Supper on the evening of February 14.

God has prospered and blessed the all partakers of this Sacred Memorial. Brothers and Sisters have had complete freedom to allow their spirit to be nourished, to meditate and prepare for this sacred act; they have sung, prayed, and shouted with jubilation. As was the instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ, and now that the wine has arrived, the table is set.

This is a sacred moment for the Church of the Lord. The grapes which are used to prepare this wine, will represent the blood of Jesus Christ, which was spilt for us, that we might obtain salvation and ever lasting life. These fruits were transported, handled, and delivered with utmost respect.

All things are ready. The Holy Supper 2020 has everything that is necessary, and without a doubt it will be etched into the indelible pages of the history of the Church of the Lord in this nation.