The Church of the Lord Participates of the Bread and Wine in Holy Supper 2020

CHICAGO. February 14, 2020. (TLOTW).— This day had been long awaited by the Church and their joy was manifested greatly as they reached the designated venue in Chicago, Illinois, where they prepared their souls hours prior in order to participate of the Holy Supper. 

During the service of praise and worship, the Church meditated on the chapter, recited by a brother by memory, and songs that were sung by the choir and brothers and sisters that incited the Church to recall the life and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The blessing arrived for the Church of the Lord to participate of the bread and wine that the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, blessed and consecrated for the remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the remission of sins. 

With great reverence, the Church partook of the bread and wine as they opened their hearts to God and promised to lead a life full of good works and sanctity.