Successful Holy Supper 2020 in Dallas; Auditoriums were filled, as were the hearts

February 14, 2020. (TLOTW).—Successful, from start to finish, with the true blessing of the Lord. The Holy Supper 2020 in Dallas, one of six venues this year has concluded. Brothers and Sisters have parted, spiritually, with their heads held high, with firmness in their faith, and happy because they always felt the presence of God and received the warmth of Apostolic care in their heart. 

For the souls who came to Dallas on this great spiritual feast, it was a day of absolute liberty, a day of endless happiness, a day of unspeakable joy, because they found perfect unity with the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García, unity with Jesus Christ, and unity with God.

For the Church of the Lord it was a day of triumph. 

Brethren were uplifted by what has transpired here. A day of complete joy. 

After renewing their Covenant with God, the hearts of the Brothers of the Light of the World are full of the most important things: peace, faith, love, fidelity, gratitude, and they can hardly contain their joy. 

They prayed, sang, and participated of the Holy Supper. It is the sacred memorial for which they attended the greatest festivity of all the earth. They received the bread and wine that were blessed by the Servant of the Lord through his representatives. The faithful take with them the memories of ineffable moments.

This Friday, February 14, is unforgettable, an indelible experience for the Church of the Lord.