San Diego is in perfect unity; Holy Supper 2020

SAN DIEGO, Calif. February 14, 2020. (TLOTW).— Joyful members of the Church of the Living God Pillar and Ground of the Truth the Light of the World gathered in San Diego to celebrate the Holy Supper 2020. 

Their cups overflow with gratitude because they have received the blessing of the promise of the Lord. From the moment they arrived at the event to the lat embrace among the brethren, a spirit of joy was present at the event.

When the bread was presented before the Lord in prayer, the Church worshiped wholeheartedly; and, the deacons sent by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, repeated the holy words of Christ: “Take, eat, this is my body, which is broken for you.” 

The Lord Jesus Christ knew his purpose and that the sacrifice he would make would heal and bring life to millions. This remembrance of the Holy Supper is a unifying experience, and here in San Diego its effect is complete.