Partakers and guests enjoy photo gallery viewing

The brethren who are assisting the Holy Supper 2020 in this nation identify and reminisce beautiful moments of the Church of the Lord in the New Era in the photographic exposition being presented in the spacious venue obtained for this Spiritual Feast.

From the first Holy Supper celebrated in the Glorious Ministry of the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naason Joaquin Garcia in Colombia to that unforgettable moment at Glen Helen Park in San Bernardino, California where the Holy Supper 2018 took place and also the youth walkathons in Guadalajara and even more. Each photograph reminds us of moments that filled us with pride and happiness then, and also to this day.

These color photographs narrate the prosperity of a people, the love of an Apostle for all the Church, the spirituality that is experienced in our main festivities – welcoming’s and farewell’s from the Holy Suppers; massive universal baptisms; those famous and historic youth walkathons through Guadalajara – that were without precedent and until today, have not been overcome.

Always under the sight and care of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, Naason Joaquin Garcia, who directed messages that we carry in our mind and in our hearts till this day.

The exposition will remain open until the 14th of February.