Meditation and discernment; the Church prepares for the most sacred moment

February 14, 2020. (TLOTW).— The love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and of HIS Father, has opened the doors to millions of souls to salvation. The Holy Supper is the moment to reflect. One of the most important prayers of the day is the Hour of Mediation which is a moment in which brethren are invited to reflect on the love God has shown to all humanity. And with this final prayer of preparation, the faithful wait for the moment in which the Deacons and Pastors shall arrive with the Bread and the Wine, repeating the holy words of Jesus Christ, “Take, eat,” and “take, drink”.

With utmost reverence the Church will unite as one, truly discerning the value of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made.

In just a few moments, the Church of the Lord will sit at the table of the Lord, and their hearts are anxiously awaiting the blessings its communion will bring.