Ineffable jubilation at Holy Supper 2020: festivity has begun

The Choirs of the Church of the Lord and Brethren are present in the Holy Convocation, of all ages, singing with ineffable delight unto the Lord in this happy occasion which inaugurates the spiritual celebration. The Lord is worthy to be praised and magnified; this is the first of three days of the Church’s participation in this great festivity. The venues that have been dedicated for worship are resounding with their voices, their songs, and their testimony.

The first Bible Study began this morning, and all the appointed Ministers stood before the Bretheren to deliver the message of the everlasting gospel of the Lord.

A very grateful people can be seen, thanking God, sheltered by the glorious Mantle of the Election. The sound of souls proclaiming liberty, the tender eyes of faith are looking to Jesus Christ, they shout “Amen” and “Glory to the Lord!” and with the Help of the Lord this will be a successful festivity, which has always been the experience of the Church of the Lord.