Farewell Ceremony

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (holysupper.org) — The Apostle of God said farewell to the Church of God thus concluding the Holy Supper. He reminded the Church of the responsibility we made with the Lord, to proclaim to the whole world that we believe in an Apostle of God, that we are the true church of God, that we are the Light of the World. The Apostle of God said that we must have trust in the Lord and give our testimony. He said that we are Jesus Christ and with our work, our words, and our actions we proclaim who we truly are. The Apostle finished the farewell ceremony saying that he will not see the churches from United States, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa in Guadalajara this august. He said in two years we will unite once more, in a better place because this place (Glenn Helen) was insufficient because we will continue to grow. The Apostle finished saying, USA God bless you, Europe God bless you, Oceania God multiply you and we will continue to celebrate the Holy Supper till Jesus comes for us.

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