The Church of the Lord is now bonded with Christ after Holy Supper 2018

San Bernardino, CA. February 14, 2018 (Berea International) — Today the Lord’s Church, which is made up of faithful brothers and sisters who’ve come from the entire United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and from Guadalajara, participated in the First Holy Supper in this New Era, where the Most Excellent Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín García, commemorated in this Nation, and remained united in communion and holiness in Christ.

Thousands of brothers and visitors attended this very special Holy Convocation and participated of Holy Supper 2018. The Great Apostle of Jesus Christ, Nahasón Joaquín, explained to the Lord’s Church the importance of this sacred memorial, anointed 4 members of the ministerial body with the diaconate, and announced that in two years, a new Holy Supper, will take place at another location because the premises of San Bernardino was insufficient to hold the growing body of the Lord’s Church.

In his presentation, the Ambassador of the kingdom of heaven explained the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, his suffering, his sacrifice and his victory. He remembered the first letter of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 10, verses 16 and 17: “The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? Being one bread, we, with many, are one body; for we all participate in that same bread. ”

The Messenger of God explained first that communion is the union of all. We do not join the Lord Jesus Christ, but we unite as one with him by participating of the Holy Supper, and we also become members of the Body of Jesus Christ.

His words of love to the Church were unforgettable. He expressed that he loves His People more than His Life. Before entering through the final section of the amphitheater of the Glen Helen regional park, and walking through its area, he visited the spaces where the children, the youth, and the elderly gathered together respectively for this festivity.

Holy Supper 2018 of the United States of America, was attended by thousands of visitors, as well as the brothers who returned to serve God after having been away from the congregation for many years, and a fervent childhood and youth, who promised to share with their friends their experiences, what they have lived in this time, the New Era, and their testimonies of the holy Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García.

Following more information by Coordination of Apostolic Chronicles.