Brethren sing hymns to the Lord; the Holy Supper Service is about to begin

February 14, 2020. (TLOTW).— The Holy Supper Service in the different venues that have been chosen for the celebration this year in the United States of America is about to begin. The various stages that have been prepared for this moment are filled with Brothers and Sisters dressed in white. Partakers express their unbridled joy through songs of praise to the Lord, stirring the emotions of visitors and guests.

What joy fill the hearts of Brothers and Sisters in attendance!

By Apostolic disposition, they have received spiritual nourishment these last three days. To culminate this festivity, they are brimming with fervor, giving glories and hallelujahs unto God on this blessed day.

Beautiful choral harmonies, sung by immense choirs, delight the ears with their angelic melodies. They move the soul to love and joy as they testify of the peace of God that upholds them.