“Big Things Happen Here”; Dallas prospers in the Lord

DALLAS, Texas. February 11, 2020. (TLOTW). Dallas demonstrates all its potential, and takes advantage of its economic momentum to compete in the modern world. Its motto is “Big Things Happen Here”, and it lives up to this aspiration. It’s among the biggest cities in the nation, both in are and economic opportunity. Its airports are an important platform in maintaining its leadership position.

To the world, Dallas is known primarily for three great circumstances. It’s one of the three most important cities in the great State of Texas. It is known for its Western lifestyle and cuisine. The Dallas Cowboys Football team are one of the most well known teams in the world. Dealey Plaza is visited by thousands of people who come to honor and remember President John F. Kennedy, he was shot here during an official visit to Dallas.

Economically, Dallas is strengthened by national and international businesses that have established their headquarters here, or have expressed plans to do so in the near future.

History buffs will find many reasons to visit Dallas, many paleontology discoveries have been made here, or perhaps they appreciate the Mexican heritage of this state which was previously a part of Mexico.

Moreover, this region has become an important hub with museums, art galleries, making this an even more attractive metropolis. This is where another important event will take place, as part of the story which is being written by the hand of God. Amid the skyscrapers, major highways and freeways, stadiums, and major public squares, a church is growing and rejoicing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Light of the World Church will celebrate its Holy Convocation here this year, with great love the follow the blessed and pure teachings of the great Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia.